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How to select a third party FDA accrediting agency

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How to select a third party FDA accrediting agency? Products exported to the United States need to apply for FDA certification, which is already the only way for many enterprises to export to the United States trade, so how to do FDA certification? How to choose a professional and reliable FDA certification body? It is also a skill to choose a testing and certification body. Let's take a look at how to choose a third-party testing body to do FDA certification.
FDA Certification Body
1. Look at the implementation of the organization and the supervision effect of the whole process
Only with more advanced testing technology and a more professional engineering team can we quickly solve the corresponding FDA certification problems. When Chinese customers choose a company specialized in FDA certification, they also need to understand its efficiency and the regulatory process of testing report level certificate. In the cooperation to ensure that China's FDA certification body can provide one-stop comprehensive service, from pre-sale to provide comprehensive quality help, can make this FDA certification quickly and comprehensively to achieve better quality assurance.
2. See the follow-up help and privacy of the test
In the specific implementation process, to ensure that the customer's information and subsequent rectification ability are realized, can make this FDA certification quickly achieved and really improve the significance of testing. And professional companies in China must also depending on the value of the privacy of customers as the core, in the corresponding work performed to ensure the protection of intellectual property rights, make the FDA certification bodies can ensure the privacy and its intellectual property rights of enterprises more of maintenance channel of chang, in short, in the choice of the FDA certification company needs some of the testing process, and inspection of the qualifications and FDA certification from the current our country of a few big characteristics analysis can also learn some testing standards and the basic principles of selection.
In the cooperation, only by analyzing the specific situation of its testing team and its cutting-edge testing ideas, can we truly give play to the situation of the FDA certification agency and achieve a more realistic and objective testing mode.
3. See if the third-party testing agency has an American agent
FDA requires that all domestic and foreign manufacturers and facilities of relevant food, drug, and medical devices must designate a U.S. agent, who must reside in or have a business presence in the United States. During the FDA registration process, FDA regulations require that an exporter or manufacturer exporting to the United States must have a third party sponsor in the United States who is also a contact person, known as a U.S. agent.




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